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If you do not have any website until now then you are more than three decades behind and your business too. This is an era of digital presence where your online footprint determines how long your business will survive. And if you have a website, then well-done but it is no time to celebrate. Having a website is not enough you need to have a responsive web design that improves your brand presence across different devices. If you have a business in UAE, you need to hire a good Responsive Web Design Agency to help you reach your target customers.

The website is a very useful tool for marketing your business to a larger audience in a cost-effective way. In the past decade, internet penetration has increased worldwide. This trend is especially seen in developing countries. As per Statista, the worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration is approximately 64%, which was 61% in 2018. In this Asia and Africa have a higher mobile traffic share than the global average with 65.1% and 59.49% respectively. Also, by 2020 the global number of smartphone users is going to reach 2.87 billion from 2.1 billion in 2016. These data indicate growing access to the internet through smartphones and tablets.


This means the evolution of your websites too. The responsive website consists of fluid grids, fluid images and media queries that give awesome experience in every device. As the best Responsive Web Design Company in UAE, we make highly responsive websites with greater search engine optimization. You still need to know, how responsive web design will help you grow your business, and then here we are mentioning seven reasons.

1. Increases Mobile Traffic- It is clear from the above data that the number of people using the internet via mobile is increasing. Responsive web design means visitors can access all the information on a small screen with ease. This means no more distorted images or lower lever of the layout. We offer great options to our client into responsive designs at competitive prices, making us a leading responsive website design company.

2. Helps You Leverage The Power Of Social Media- As per a digital report there are about 3.48 billion social media users in 2019. There is a growth of a total of 288 million in the last year. This makes social media a very powerful tool to promote your business. The cost of promoting online is very less compared to traditional marketing. It is very easy to share content on social media through a responsive website. As a leading responsive web design company in Saudi Arabia, we specialize in social media integration.

3. Better Analytics Reporting And Analysis- With the right data, making marketing plans is easy. When you know the source of traffic and way of interaction, it is easier to make the right decisions. It is difficult to monitor multiple sites. A single website makes it easy to monitor. The analytical tools like Google Analytics and other similar tools, help to keep track of the website. You can track and analyze content performance on different devices both at the same time.


4. Better Compatibility With The Multiple Browsers- The static website always has issues with mobile and desktop browsers. Responsive websites adapt to the devices and are more compatible with all the browsers. This even improves the loading speed of the website.

5. Improves SEO- Google and other search engines love responsive designs because these are more users friendly. The advantage you get is high-quality content, strong backlinks and reduced bounce rates that give you higher search engine ranking. Higher ranking in the search means your customers can easily find you. Also, it is mobile friendly.


6. Offers Reduced Bounce Rate And Increase In Conversion Rate- When a user finds a better experience, he sticks to the site for a longer duration. He also explores the different parts of the website. This gives exposure to your products and services. By improving the consistency in the user experience across devices, you increase the conversion rate too. It will turn into more sales for your business.

7. Faster Website Loading- As per a study, about 53% of the mobile visitors will leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load pages. The responsive website loads faster on all devices with a special focus on smartphones and tablets. The fluid grids help load fast and keep the interest of the visitors, which converts into leads and sales.


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Conclusion- The number of smartphone users is continuously growing. So will the number of people accessing the internet through it. There is also an increasing tendency of buying online because that saves time and money. Responsive websites are already defining business growth. Delimp Technology takes your business directly to your customers.

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